☀️Astronomical skybox🌑

Main components

  • Skybox shader
  • Atmoshperic fog shader
  • Astronomical positions C# script

Tools used

  • Krita (gradient textures)
  • Unity URP


I've been working on a new skybox shader. The skybox's atmosphere colours are determined by sampling multiple gradient textures depending on the sun's position and some other factors.

The sun and moon's position are astronomically correct, by which I mean that they correspond to their real-life positions in the sky, depending on the date and your geographical position. As such, astronomical events like solar and lunar eclipses occur at the correct time and place. The solar eclipse shown in this clip occurred on the 22nd of July 2009 as seen from (70.0N, 144.1E), and the Lunar eclipse should occur on the 16th of May 2022 (this year).


The sun and moon positions are based on formula's from the book: Astronomical Algorithms, by Jean Meeus.

The star map, constellation map and moon texture are from NASA's Scientific Visualisation Studio.

Aurora polaris🌌 Stylised Leviathan axe