Windfall (prototype)


This is a small prototype game in which you can freely fly through one map with a time-tracked ring parkour. You can download it here!

The primary goal of this prototype was to just get a game out there, as you might notice the game can be quite taxing on your computer. If you’ve seen my previous posts you could see that most of this prototype was made a few months back but I’ve only now gotten around to making a proper menu with settings and releasing it in a playable state.

If I were to continue work on this prototype I would focus first on improving the performance, updating the shaders, adding music, and adding more settings like reversed inputs.


All aspects of this prototype were made by me, though the menu’s and game system are heavily based on Unity’s Open Project game architecture. A lot of the shaders started with tutorials made by others and have been discussed in previous posts, so I recommend looking through previous posts if you’re interested in how some of these were made.

Stylised Leviathan axe Gardens recreation (Ma-ko)