Art recreation (Malin)

Main components

  • Depth edge detection
  • Normal edge detection
  • Shadowmap edge detection

Tools used

  • Blender (most models)
  • Houdini (tree model)
  • Photoshop (drawn textures)
  • Unity URP


This scene is an art recreation from this wonderful piece of art by Malin. It focuses primarily on edge detection to simulate a drawn style.

You can download a 10s looping video clip version to use as your mobile phone wallpaper. 12FPS version and 60FPS version.

You can also find an in-depth tutorial on the shadow outlines here.


As this is an art recreation a lot of credit needs to go to Malin, whose work is the basis and inspiration for this scene (especially this piece of art).

For the depth and normal based edge detection I found the following tutorials very useful:

The shadowmap edge detection in particular was inspired by this post from Shahriar Shahrabi.

God of Lines Waterfall and foam (breakdown)