Waterfall and foam (breakdown)

Main components

  • Watefall shader
  • Foam shader
  • Particle shader
    • GPU instancing
    • Custom lighting
    • Shadow casting
    • Custom vertex streams

Tools used

  • Blender (modelling & UV mapping)
  • Mixture (noise texutres)
  • Unity URP


The video shows a breakdown of my waterfall shader and particle systems that go with my water shader. It was made with Unity using URP and HLSL shaders. The waterfall consists of 4 models and 3 different particle systems. The models consists of the following:

The particle systems are divided as follows:

That last particle system was more complicated to make, but in the end I got it all working with GPU instancing in URP with an HLSL shader.


The approach and general look of the waterfall and all the foam is inspired by this talk by Simon Trümpler (aka Simon schreibt), where he talks about VFX in the game Rime including a waterfall.

The water from the waterfall borrows a lot from my water shader, so check that out for more info and acknowledgements on that.

Art recreation (Malin) A watery respite (breakdown)