The Wind Rises

Main components

  • Seaplane controller script
    • Water navigation
    • Flying

Tools used

  • Blender
  • Unity URP


Is it a boat? Is it a plane? … Yes, it’s a seaplane!

While working on my flower scene for Harry Alisavakis Discord challenge I listened a LOT to the soundtrack from The Wind Rises by Studio Ghibli (composed by Joe Hisaishi). So much in fact, that I had to model a seaplane and make it fly!

The model is inspired by a British inter-war period seaplane, the Supermarine Southampton. It was of course also inspired by the seaplane from Porco Rosso, another Studio Ghibli film.

The controls feel quite natural as I try to simulate the 4 forces that act on a plane: thrust, drag, gravity and lift. The first 3 are fairly straight forward, thrust goes forward (w.r.t. the plane), drag counteracts total velocity and the gravity is downwards. Only the lift is more difficult, but in its current state it is greatly simplified to be upwards (w.r.t. the plane) and scale with your forwards velocity.

Would people be interested in a game where you fly/sail stylised seaplanes in a semi-fantasy world? If so let me know, either here or on my twitter!

A watery respite (breakdown) Flowers rustling in the wind